A Child’s Love For Trains

Trains have been around for many, many years. And for many years they have been an astonishment in the eyes of a child. For as long as I can remember, I always loved trains. Especially as a kid, I was amazed by them. I don’t know if it was the bells and whistles, the mechanics or the power they had to take me anywhere. Maybe a combination of the three. All I know is that they were magical to me.

Being a child, your imagination is your outlet. I would imagine all sorts of things, mainly about where I would go if I ever stepped foot on a train. But until then, my little toy trains would do. I had all the fixings. The colorful trains, the tracks, train stations and bystanders. Putting it all together how I saw fit. Every day was a different adventure.

While every child is different, a lot of them share a fascination with trains. Trains, I believe, are universal toys. Not specifically for boys or girls. But there is a slight misconception that trains are solely for boys. I do not agree with that label. When I was a little girl of course I liked my share of dolls and frilly things, but those things never swept my imagination like trains did. Not only are trains just plain awesome, they can be very educational as well.

A child can learn a lot having a love for trains. There are all sorts of books, television shows, and movies that have a lot of value in a child’s early development. Learning colors, shapes, sounds and even good morals. For a very common example look at “Thomas the Train.” He was always overcoming obstacles, problem-solving and caring for others. The love and lessons kids find in trains is a beautiful thing.

In addition to that, trains for kids, can be very therapeutic. It can be an escape for them. I know it was for me. If I was having a not so good day, I would grab my favorite train and leave the city (well in my mind of course). Like I said before, I would imagine that I could go anywhere. I was a jungle woman, who escaped the jungle with all my furry friends. I was a wanted outlaw on the run. I was a drifter who hopped from train to train. I was the conductor. Even random things that didn’t make sense. My point is, I was anything I wanted to be, going wherever I wanted to go.

Even at my age now, an adult woman, I have yet to step foot on a train. But that is completely fine with me. My love for trains as a kid will forever spark a new adventure whenever I hear that choo-choo sound.